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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Brusho Crystals

I have only recently received my new Brusho Crystals and thought I would see what all the fuss was about.
I love them. By following a couple of tips on how to open then, or not open them they are very easy to use.
My main tip, as advised by support office, is DO NOT OPEN the lid of the crystal pots. The crystals are so fine, that just opening the lid causes them to poof everywhere. The best way to use the crystals is to use a sharp object, like a pin or a piercing tool, poke a couple of small holes in each lid and then use them as you would a salt shaker. All cards use Watercolour paper.
The butterfly card in the top left is caesd from the catalogue. I find the catalogue a great place for inspiration, especially when products are new. 
To make this card I heat embossed the butterfly from the Beautiful Day stamp set with white embossing powder. I applied water over the image with an Aquapainter, then quickly while the water was still very wet I sprinkled the Prussian Blue and Moss Green Brusho Crystals over the water. As the water dries the crystals blend together.

For this card, I again heat embossed, this time the flower from the Beautiful Day stamp set. I carefully only applied water to the flower with an Aquapainter and then sprinkled on the Red Brusho crystals. Once the flower was dry I did the same for the leaf with the Moss Green crystals. For the background I put a puddle of water on a block then tipped some Prussian Blue crystals into it. I used the Aquapainter to apply this to the paper.

The flower for this card was done the same as the last one. For the background a sprayed about 5 squirts from a spary bottle onto the Watercolour paper then sprinkled the Prussian Blue crystals lightly over the top. Once this dried, I wiped off the excess crystals.

These butterflies are stamped in Basic Black Archival ink. Just the butterflies were carefully wet with an Aquapainter. I sprinkled Yellow crystals on the top of the butterfly wings and Red crystals on the bottom half of the wings. These were left to dry and blend on their own.

To colour the background for the final card I covered the whole card with water frrom an Aquapainter then sprinkled the Prussian Blue crystals all over and allowed it to dry and spread. The butterfly was heat embossed in white, coloued with Yellow crystals and then cut out.

These are just a few of the techniques possible with the Brusho Crystals, I’m looking forward to discovering more of them.

I will be holding a class using the Brusho crystals in the near future.

Contact me for more information on this amazing product or any of our other products. 

Hpaay stampin,


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